Thursday, April 18, 2013

Media Technology in the Classroom

Media Devices Reflection

The article, Mobile Devices in the Classroom, embraces the fact that phones, laptops, and iPods are being integrated into the curriculum.  It informs teachers on how to create lessons using technology, the prices, how to create customized learning platforms, and gives examples of the hurdles ahead.  
Most schools ban the use of cell phones in schools, but others realize the untapped potential of cell phones that can promote learning anytime, anywhere.  A lot of people are hesitant to use this form of technology because of the limitations due to their small size and reputation for being a distraction. 
The article discusses a 5th grade classroom that uses smartphones for most of the day.  I really liked how the teacher would have the students draw solar system orbits on their phones and then animate them to show a real orbit using number values.  The teacher explains, “I integrated the phones into everything we did.  For lessons traditionally done with a paper and pencil, we now were able to do them in color, with animation, and with more depth and complexity.”  The teachers would take their normal curriculum and adapt it so that technology could be used.  A program called GoKnow would allow users to use Web browsers and applications to use built-in graphic organizing, drawing, and animation tools. 
The article answered one of my questions pertaining to integrating the use of smart phones in the classrooms.  It said that the schools turn off the voice and texting capabilities because it’s a computer, not a phone. 

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